Monday, March 31, 2014

NEW (sorta) thing for Spring

We have been trying to think of new ideas and new ways to attract business to the digi shoppes (etsy and Zibbet), participation on the facebook group and just ST DENNIS consciousness period-amazing how many people still haven't heard of or seen my digis despits being in business since 2009, sponsoring MANY challenges and blogs etc.

I had tried an email list but it wasn't as wonderful as I had hoped although I am happy to say my loyal customers and fans are pretty loyal.

The last newsletter went out yesterday and I don't want to go back to uncontrolled free image give aways SOOOOOOOO we have decided to go BACK to doing Challenges but Karen, Mo, Helen and Aletha all had ideas and we have sorta blended them into this:

We will have a progressive challenge in Sparkle and Glitter starting MAY 1-The first challenge will be Steampunk and you must use a Rick St dennis DIGI image in order to enter-this challenge is in honor of Volume 5 of Just Steampunk which will heavily feature my EDT ladies projects...

All those who enter the May challenge (with an RSD image) will receive a special 'FREE' image in order to do the June Challenge and the BIG WINNER of the June Challenge will get a free image and a discount code.

ALSO, watch FACEBOOK and my facebook group

Aletha Jane is planning a special contest on the group page for group members-prize will be choice of 1 free image and chosen by RANDOM.ORG.

I am having a special on ZIBBET

Anyone who orders from my Zibbet shoppe will receive a random code for either a percentage off their next order or a dollar amoumt gift card-totally random so each person will get a different code-codes must be used within 30 days from when they are generated.

Lots going on and hopefully-like the recent Earthquakes in California-it will shake things up a bit.

Thanks to all my friends and fans for their continued support!

Monday, March 17, 2014

2 shoppes full of images

I am amazed at how many people are still shopping on ETSY and haven't taken advantage of my ZIBBET shoppe found HERE.

I am still adding new images to ETSY because I know that many of you like the download feature which Zibbet doesn't have ----YET.

I hope you will browse Zibbet when you have time - there are almost 800 images on my Zibbet shoppe as opposed to 200 on ETSY.

I also LOVE the fact that I can arrange the images on ZIBBET in MANY sections making it easier to find exactly what you need.

On the right side of my main shoppe page you should find a long list of sections with names like Scenic, Fashion, steampunk and so on.

Just click any section and you will be shown the selection of images in that portion of my shoppe-also since Zibbet doesn't charge me by the listing, I am able to cross list images in more than one section making them easier to find.

All this aside you can still browse through the catalog of ALL the images on the site if you prefer.

All your Zibbet purchases from my shoppe are emailed to you by me personally within 24 hours of your order-be sure I receive your preferred email address when you order.

I'm sure that within the next few months Zibbet will also offer download services and when they do I will use them.

Lots of new images at Zibbet and many more coming in the next few weeks
so if you haven't shopped my ZIBBET store I hope you will and leave me a comment here if there are things you'd like to see added or changed.

Thanks for you support!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My friend KAT

I was privileged to meet and now work with a wonderful lady named Kat Petersen-an MFA in ART HISTORY from TUFTS University who is now finishing up her 2nd Masters degree and looking to a future career as a therapist.

I needed an assistant for the year long art program I am doing in Orange County and Kat was recruited for a few months of Tuesday afternoons while she finishes up "school".

Certainly wonderful for me to have someone so qualified help me with my classes and she's a great person to get to know and chat with as well.

I found out that KAT is also an ETSY seller and I know her wonderfully crafted and researched
Mother Goddesses and fertility symbols will be of interest to some of you as well>

You can find KAT'S shoppe at .

I love that she sells "Pocket Goddesses" and also how detailed and carefully researched and presented her work is.

Some of her pieces are quite explicit but do remember these are copies of antiquities and true to the intent of the original historic artwork.

Enjoy Kat's work and I hope that some of you ill include her powerful women in your personal art collections.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

ETSY vs.Zibbet

As most of you know-I have added a Zibbet Shop-I hope you have had time to visit?

I have over 750 images on the Zibbet Site-what I love is that I can have an unlimited number of sections so it should be fairly easy for you to find what you're looking for AND I can post an image more than once which make cross referencing much easier as well.

I was planning to dump ETSY but I know that many of you really like the ease of DOWNLOADS on Etsy-just know that it costs me FAR more to operate on ETSY than on Zibbet so the prices will reflect those extra costs.

I am keeping mostly NEW images and multiple sets on ETSY-for instance I just posted a 4 piece steampunk set on ETSY-you can buy the separate images on Zibbet (but NOT the set)-so hopefully it will balance out for you and you can use one or both sites to your best advantage.

I have also discontinued freebie images-I offer a monthly image at no charge with a purchase from either site (from the first to the 15th of each month).

Once the free image promotion is over the image is also available for sale in case you missed it.

In the sponsorship area I now give gift certificates to ZIBBET-winners of various challenges can get an image or two they want from the site or buy a more expensive image by adding to their GC.

I still am sending out the monthly newsletter but it has a watermarked image attached-newsletter recipients will be informed of special sales, discounts and limited edition runs of images not generally available to the public.

The response to these changes have been great and I so appreciate the support of my friends and fans.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Have a safe, happy joyous new year full of creativity, health and all good things.

I appreciate so much the support of my friends and fans and hope that 2014 will be a better year for all of us.

This is a recent shot of me and my friend Katie taken in November 2013
BIG thanks to my design team including those members who left us this year-without this talented group of dedicated people I couldn't do all the things that we do.

Special Thanks to Monique Van Dijk who coordinates the design team having taken over the job from Aletha during 2013....Helen Angel Cullem who does so many things for the blogs and me personally behind the scenes-along with Lady B and Miranda they have been around for quite some time and are the heart of my EDT.

Julia, Sue, Kristen, Karen, The Liljas (Milo and Anna) and Kristy have each brough new, fresh ideas to the team this year and are much appreciated members of the team.

Helene is the longest running member of the team and has been with me almost from the very beginning-her work continues to be the beautiful, crisp personification of what I look for in an EDT member.

Elaine Lienhart was the very first EDT member-she and Helene stuck it out and have earned honorary lifetime status as members of the EDT.

We are looking forward to changes this coming year-Etsy will either go away or change purposes and the Zibbet shop will continue to grow.

I suspect we may cut down the number of blogs we are running-for now we will continue the monthly challenge on either Airless Chambers of Sparkle abd Glitter but the newsletter and the freebies will need to change.

There are hundreds of names on the newsletter mailing list and many of those people do not buy digis from my shoppes - the freebies were intended as a reward for the regular customers so I will be finding a new way to send them out-probably with orders from Zibbet.

Don't forget my rubber stamps at Smeared Ink and I BRAKE FOR STAMPS both companies do a great job with my images.

In 2014 let the world be full of love for EVERYONE and let Hate and prejudice die as a thing of the past...this is MY wish for the new year


Saturday, November 16, 2013


I started doing the somewhat racy Burlesque elephants many years back-they were very popular at art shows and always had a humorous slightly bitchy edge to them.

I did many versions of the "girls" backstage waiting to "go on" where one had used scissors to cut another's costume strap leading to a "major wardrobe malfunction" as they say these days.

In  the early 2's I was working with a company trying to develop a line using the elephants and there was a whole story about a plane goin down in a remote jungle and a cult of BurlesqEphants springing up.

While going through some boxes I found quite a number of usable drawings that I thought were worth bringing back as digis and my sexy, voluptuous elephant ladies in their extravagant costumes were among them.

Karen of my design team does some wonderful teams ups so she asked Paulette of CREATE WITH TLC to come up with some sentis that she could use with the Elphants.

This one is LET IT SNOW and below is BurlesqEphant

Be sure and pop over to Paulettes site and see the senti sheet she did for the "girls"...

Thanks to Karen for the great job on these cards.

This perky lady is LIMEHOUSE

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Lets clean out ETSY before I close the shoppe there-this coupon code is good on orders of 20.00 or more and will give you 25 percent off on your entire order-limited to ETSY only and expires NOV 15, 2013-also limited to stock on hand

Have fun